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Risk management in the forex market

[ad_1] “Risk management in the forex market” as a term is the expectation of negative risks in the future based on current factors or data, whether strong or not. As for financial risks, they express the possibility of losing money as a result of a financial transaction with a serious impact that leads to more

Binary options halal or haram?

[ad_1] Binary options are one of the new and unusual investment derivatives of a kind, and they contain fixed risks and high financial returns in a limited time in the sense that it is a contract that gives the buyer the right but not the obligation to buy or sell a financial asset at an

What are investment funds and their types and how they work?

[ad_1] In this post, we will learn about investment funds, their definition, types, working mechanisms, how they are managed, their advantages and disadvantages. Investment is defined simply as the process of employing surplus funds in financial activities and businesses that will bring profit to the owner of the money instead of leaving it inactive, eroding

Explanation of the system of buying and selling shares with the aim of profit

[ad_1] Everyone is looking to invest in Buying and selling shares for profit In this post, we will provide you with all the information you need to have a comprehensive and broad idea about this type of investment. But before we get into the discussion, we must first define some terms. Definition of the stock

Leverage and the rule of trading in it

[ad_1] There is no doubt that some who deal in the forex trading market or who want to enter the forex market have many questions about financial leverage and its ruling in Islamic law. This question concerns a very large segment of people, and here we will present the predominant opinion of the majority of

Top 8 Currency Analysis Sites in the World

[ad_1] The forex and foreign exchange market is one of the largest, most active, and most liquid marketsIt is considered the largest price-volatile market due to the large amount of liquidity and financial instruments and the interrelationships between them and many financial instruments that affect and are affected by the forex market. Forex traders, especially

Best Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Trading Platforms

[ad_1] In this post, we will learn in detail about the best platforms for trading digital currencies and bitcoin, which are characterized by great credibility, with an explanation of each platform, and all its advantages and disadvantages. But before that, let’s give a simplified definition of Bitcoin and Blockchain so that you have a clear

A comprehensive guide on currency analysis in the field of forex

[ad_1] A comprehensive guide on currency analysis in the field of forex In this topic, we will learn in detail about currency analysis, or as it is called forex analysis. We will try to give you all the necessary information to have a comprehensive overview and prior knowledge of these techniques before you start applying

Forex Trading for Beginners – With Important Tips

[ad_1] In this post, we will learn about a set of things that will help you greatly in getting started as a beginner in the field of forex trading For beginners. What are the foundations that the beginner should take into account and the criteria for buying and selling, a set of golden tips in

The 26 most important terms in the world of forex trading

[ad_1] There is no trade without special terms, and this is how the forex trade is a global trade and has very many terms specific to trading operations and tools, and no beginner forex trader can be aware of them. Why are forex terms important? As a trader, you cannot carry out trading operations without

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